Battle each other

Fighting with enemies, Challenge Monster King, but Do you know how strong you are? Let your team land in an Arena called "Dinos vs Dinos".​‌

Arena hosts one season every two weeks. Dinos from all over the world flock here with the strongest teams, fighting each other to identify the best. When the arena is over, teams which have the highest rankings will receive W-DNL as their reward.‌

The team rank will be divided into five categories:‌

Bronze -> Silver -> GOLD -> Platinum -> Diamond.

Dino will need to fight opponents with equal ranking, when winning will have the opportunity to be promoted to a higher rank.‌

In each battle, you will select 3 of your strongest Dinos to make a team. The result will be decided when all 3 Dinos of a team fall.‌

Ranking will determine your rewards so be careful to calculate and use tactics to win as quickly as possible.‌

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