Join battles

Train your Dino to defeat Darkie Monsters or other players. Win the battles and claim DNL as reward.

The higher rarity or higher level your Dino is, the higher reward you can get for winning.

Trade on Dino NFT Market to boost your collection.

Dinoland is a crypto NFT game – which means that you own your minted NFTs (Dino). In Dino NFT Market, you can buy eggs and trade Dinos easily. You can search Dinos that have been listed by other players, as well as list your own ones.

Seller will pay 5% fee when selling Dino successfully in the marketplace.

Liquidity rewards

Battling is very important, and so is providing liquidity for new users to access ecosystem. The creatures on the Dinoland need farming to complete the mission bringing the Dino Era back.

While farming, a liquid pool will generate DNL token. You can also spend DNL to raise the strength of the squad and be ready to leave the Monster Army behind.

Choose your favourite pools to bring the Dinoland ecosystem to everyone!

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