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Class of Dino and Stats

There are 4 Classes of Dino characters, each with its own unique characteristics.

  1. Novis Class: The class represents the power of Fire with a huge source of strength. Novis Dino brings invincible attack power.

Stats of Novis

2. Aquis Class: The class represents the power of Water with a huge source of enduring vitality. After battles, Aquis Dino often has quick recovery.

Stats of Aquis

3. Terros Class: The class represents the power of Trees with a huge source of defense.

Stats of Terros

4. Dark Class: The class which granted countless privileges in Dinoland. Dinos in Hero Class are generated from the power of the supreme Moon Stone when breeding.

  • In Hero class, Dark Dinos in Rarity Normal, Rare and Super Rare have normal parts. Dark Dinos in Rarity Legendary and Mystic called Dark Knights who have more unique parts and skills.

  • The Dark Dinos will have more turns for joining battles with Darkie Monsters.

5. Light Class:

Information about Turns for battle:

Rarity of Dino

After being incubated in the egg, the Dino that hatches will have different rarity.

Dinos have 5 levels of Rarity.

  • Normal = 1

  • Rare = 2

  • Super rare = 3

  • Legendary = 4

  • Mystic = 5

Rarity greatly affects Dino's training. The higher the rarity level of your Dinos, the higher the ability to level up and defeat Monsters.

Level of Dino

Dino needs to be trained every day to become stronger and stronger. Every day, Dino will have a mission to fight with Darkie Monsters to prevent their intrusion into the peaceful Dinoland. After each battle, the experience points (EXP) will be accumulated. Dinos will level up when they reach the required EXP.

The higher rarity Dino has, the faster EXP they can get.

There are 6 levels of Dino.

After level up, stats and rewards of Dino will increase.

Let’s train Dino to have higher level, the chance for you to win Darkie Monster and number of DNL tokens after winning battles will be much more.


In the battles against ferocious Darkie, the Dinos had to bravely fight in such admirable resilience despite how small they are. What about Darkie? This creature grows drastically, seeking ways to be stronger to eliminate all Dinos in Dinoland. For this reason, the Dinos have to go through their Evolution so that they can strengthen themselves and become UNIQUE.

All Dinos are required to Evolve in the new version of the game. To let Dinos evolve, players need to use "The Evolve Book"

The Evolve Book is a special item only available in the Evolution feature. Using the Evolve Book makes the evolving process cost-free. Players can get the Evolve Book from:

  • DinoMachine's rewards.

  • Marketplace

After their Evolution, Dinos will have a brand new look and become distinctive from their peers.

Only Evolved Dinos can join battles fighting Darkie Monsters and Borus - the Black leader monster.

In addition, Evolved Dinos will also be separated in terms of sex (male/female) and be able to give birth to baby Dinos.

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