There are 3 kinds of wallets existing in Dinoland mechanism:

  1. Rewards in-game wallet: which holds your W-DNL* rewards when winning

  2. Off-chain wallet: where your W-DNL can be used to feed Dinos, quick-fight

  3. On-chain wallet: where your DNL can be used to buy in Marketplace, tradable in DEX and CEX

*1 DNL = 1 W-DNL

You can check your wallets and the amount of W-DNL/ DNL here:

Step to claim

Rewards -> Rewards in-game wallet -> Off-chain wallet -> On-chain wallet

  • Step 1: Players win a battle. The winning rewards (W-DNL) you earn will appear in to your rewards in-game wallet.

  • Step 2: From rewards in-game wallet, players can claim an amount of token into the off-chain wallet.

  • Step 3: From the off-chain wallet, players can withdraw the W-DNL into the on-chain wallet.

Claim and withdraw policy

Claim rewards policy

Claiming W-DNL from your rewards in-game wallet into your off - chain wallet will cost fee depending on when you claim W-DNL and on the amount of W-DNL you .

  • Day 1: W-DNL can’t be claimed.

  • Day 2: 50% claim fee of W-DNL day 1.

  • Day 3: 37.5% claim fee of DNL day 1.

  • Day 4: 25% claim fee of W-DNL day 1.

  • Day 5: 12.5% claim fee of W-DNL day 1.

  • From day 6: 0% claim fee of W-DNL day 1.

Every 0:00 UTC will be counted as starting a new day.

Withdraw policy

You can deposit or withdraw between your on-chain and off-chain wallet, following this rule:

  • Limit: 3,000 DNL/withdrawal.

  • Withdrawal fee: 5%.

  • 168 hours until the next turn.

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